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Old 11-29-2014, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Sapphire View Post
I have a 6 month old Lhasa and she wont wee outside, she uses the utility room even if the door is open, she can be outside and she comes in for a wee then she barks to tell me, she goes out for a poo, she was doing really well I can be out with her over an hour and she wont go then we come in and she has a wee and she looks up at me to say what a relief, any suggestions please.
Hi, are you going with her when she goes out? She needs praise and assurance but this has to be consistent right from the off and the routine kept. She is still a baby

Ok, firstly she's only 6 months!

When she start to go inside, physically move her outside (even if its mid stream) and then when she finishes outside give loads of praise! Take her out every hour shes awake, crate at night for now if you do not already.

I strongly advise you not to leave the door open and let her go in and out as she pleases. Keep it shut so she has 'to ask' and has to learn to hold it sometimes.

And if you have to, and if all else fails, pop her on a lead and attach the lead to your belt. Where you go, she goes; when you see her sniff, circle or attempt to squat - take her straight out. This will eliminate all accidents from the house and break the cycle but she has to be under your supervision

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Thanks I will do x
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