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Dry Kibble Which do your dogs prefer?

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Old 09-07-2017, 09:55 AM
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Arrow Concept for Life

I had notification from Zooplus (who I order the present food from) about a new food made in Germany called Concept for Life. I am a massive fan for 'anything made in germany' and although the meat content is highest at 46%, what do you all think about the rest. Here are some excerpts as well as the link .......... https://www.concept-for-life.com/en/#quality .....

The calorie and nutritional content of this tasty pet food is optimised to match the individual requirements of each life stage, no matter whether your pet is a large, small or medium sized dog, a specific dog breed or a house cat, an outdoors cat, a specific breed, a sterilised cat or just a little kitten or puppy; The composition and nutritional value are ideal for your petís life style. All varieties are made with top quality ingredients which are functional and species appropriate.

Dogs also need a balanced food with all the vital nutrients for a healthy life. This mix of nutrients will vary depending on size and breed. For example, large breed dogs put pressure on their joints and bones so need a different food to smaller dogs, to ensure that their joints and bones stay strong and healthy. Concept for Life provides your cat and dog with a tailored nutrition so it is easy to select the right food for your pet. This top quality food has been developed together with leading pet nutrition experts. It is made with innovative, science-based ingredients so that it is perfect for your petís nutritional needs at every life stage. You can be assured that you are feeding your pet with the right food for its life style. Concept for Life is premium pet food at a great price. Tailored nutrition to suit your cat or dogís individual needs.

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Old 09-07-2017, 09:28 PM
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It sounds really good food. Are you going to try Honey on it? xx
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Old 09-11-2017, 05:54 PM
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Looks good, i have so much food to use up so not going to be buying anything for ages xx
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