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Behaviour Any problems with behaviour can be added and discussed in this section from mild manners to the most severe

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Old 02-05-2018, 06:12 PM
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This is absolutely fantastic news Mandi even with a slight blip. I can only reiterate what Elaine has posted ... its spot on with her suggestions .... if you cannot create a corner just yet, remember the removal to another room for a few minutes ... no shouting, just a firm 'no' and then remove. Let out when calm. Also ask guests to roll a ball across the floor once Milo is calm. Remember to tell everyone not to over-stroke him - let him smell the back of their hands ... then a quick 'hello Milo' with a quick stroke UNDER his chin (once he is calm) and then let Milo do whatever he wants to do ... he will settle with the member of your family/guest he wants to settle with in his own time ... other than this, you are doing remarkably well (do not reach down over and above his head as this will look like a giant obstacle about to land on him ... dogs who are unsure will find this intimidating) x

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Old 02-05-2018, 09:38 PM
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Elaine he looks adorable.

Bit difficult at the moment to create his own corner as I'm also babysitting my dad's springer spaniel (11 yr old).

Once he is back with my dad we have milo his own special bed for the corner.

He is coming on. Getting better on the lead and when ppl walk past. Also this morning he went into my son's room where the lady from the night before was and apprently went straight over and kissed her haha. Temprementle springs to mind.

Also he has taken to not drinking his fresh water but from drinking rain water from the garden. Any ideas?

Thanks again mandy
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Old 02-05-2018, 10:05 PM
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Lots of dogs drink rainwater, which if fresh, shouldn't be too much of a problem itself. Where there could be a problem though is (depending on the time of year) if there has been slugs around and there is slug slime in the water as it can cause Heartworm, which can be fatal. Try removing anything that collects rainwater in the garden, until he is out of the habit. Keep an eye on him when he goes out. If he starts to drink a sharp 'no'....no shouting, just sharp. this should get his attention and stop him in his tracks. Just keep doing it until he gets the idea. You might need to do it several times on the trot...he is a Lhasa and they are notoriously bloody awkward!!!
Have a read of this......

I was looking for the Kennel Club, but their website is down for maintenance at the minute, but this is just as informative. xx
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