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Generalised Progressive Retinal Atrophy GPRA is the degeneration of the Retina. Tests are a must.

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Old 06-12-2015, 09:07 AM
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I didn't know about this forum when I got my Tink and didn't know about GPRA. All I knew was to make sure my pup was KC registered. I paid £550 thinking as it was KC I had done enough. I now know I was very ignorant of many facts not least the GPRA . As some of you know Tink has a liver shunt and I will never know if like in Yorkshire terriers this was inherited as my breeder hasn't done any background checking into her line and no doubt her dogs breeder didn't either so this condition could end up being as common as it is in the Yorkshie terrier breed. All because of people breeding pups without doing checks and the KC allowing them to be registered so fooling the general public into believing they have bought a well bred pup. Thank goodness for this forum and the knowledge it offers and the people who after finding the information have the resolve to use it and demand and will wait for their healthy well bred pup. I take my hat off to you . Well done xxxx
Sue n Tink
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Originally Posted by Elaine67 View Post
When I was looking for Oscar's new companion I wasn't looking for a pup, but after encountering numerous questionable sellers, I started to look at puppies. The first lady didn't know what GPRA stood for and asked me, only to say that if she hadn't heard of it, it wasn't worth worrying about... Another said there was no need to check as it was 'a scare story' put out by vets to 'get my money in their tills!'

I would add that both claimed to be assured breeders - though the first couldn't explain to me what that meant. The pups from both of these people were between £400 - £650!

Anyone who says GPRA testing is a scare story and 'not necessary' are talking out of their backsides!!!!!! Ask my Chloe!!!!
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Rachel & the Girls xx

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Thank you Elaine (67) for your feedback on this. We need to hear what people go through when approaching the so called 'assured breeders'. Let me say that the KC are at fault here because they are letting anyone joined the Assured Breeders Scheme without checking the most important points ....... if they had checked, the 'breeder' you mention would NOT have been allowed to be accepted onto this list. The reasons given are pathetic to say the least! Neither know what GPRA is, neither know the Assured Breeders Scheme means and both were so clueless it beggars belief!

And as for 'scare mongering vets' lol lol this is a big joke because your 'everyday vet' does NOT (and cannot) perform tests for GPRA !!! I could roll over laughing because they know zip! It has to be a qualified Canine Ophthalmologist who can test for GPRA.

And the prices charged for these pups are astronomical !!! The KC (in my opinion) have a lot to answer for!

Sue, thank you for the compliments - much appreciated. We all remember Tinks' story very well. We remember those early days when it was touch and go and we didn't know what we were going to read upon logging-on onto the forum each day. Thank god she is stable albeit her problem will always be a worry .. which it should not be if there were not such thing as BYB's. Tink didn't deserve this. Tink and her condition will always be in the back of our minds as you know.

Rachel, your words are so true. Dear little Chloe .... she did not deserve this either .... and her so called 'breeder' should be shot !!!

Dogs are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms, they love us purely and loyally no matter what - they give us the strength to carry onĒ

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