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Default Knew it wouldn't last...........

Ever since Tink was diagnosed I've applauded the Co-Op pet insurance, they have always been fair and premiums have only gone up a few pounds each year..........until now. Ok Tink has just turned 4 ( wow where has the time gone) and she is poorly but no different from last year, the year before etc and I've paid myself for any tests like the biopsy she had recently @ 80 ( it would have incurred an excess of the same amount almost) so not to upset "the under writers" but now they have put the premium up to almost 40 per month from 25 Ok it might not seem too bad to some premiums out there but it's the size of the hike compared to all the previous years.If this is their policy to hike premiums up at 4years ( they said it was her age when I contacted them) I would suggest anyone looking for insurance to ask perspective insurer their "age" policy. xxxx
Sue n Tink
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