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Default extreme hair shedding, mind or raw food?

I have a close to 3 yrs (in December) Lhasa Apso. male, his name is Anakin. He is raw fed and he is shedding like crazy and he is not drinking enough water even when I was feeding other food options.
Now I did tons of researches from hot and cold proteins to single proteins only like Duck to Darwin's pet food what has added veggies and is sterilized (what takes the best stuff out of the equation), Stella and Chewy freeze dried ..... really tired with trying, raw is the best. He also can't eat proteins with excessive fat because he starts vomiting bile and I need to avoid he gets pancreatitis.
Now I also tried different shampoos because he gets itchy as well. I am stuck to horse shampoo based on all essential oils and no chimicals to at the moment Head and Shoulder medical shampoo what stopped the itchyness asap AND GIVES A STUNNING COAT. Shampoo issue resolved.

I am now down to checking his personality features and figured out he produces excessive amounts of cortisol, a stress maker, that is what is part of Anakins issues. He is very sensible and easily stressed out, it might be his body or his mind. I would have never imagined.I have been focusing a little more on him and have seen him several times shaking while my son was in a little louder conversation with his girlfriend. WOW. This kinda shocked me and I tried to let them know to keep it a little bit more under control, and to keep the TV turned off while I am at work. Not sure if it is helping.
Also a hair analysis brought out excessive levels of selenium, strontium and boron and since I am organic and don't use chimicals at home I have no idea where he gets those high levels. Could be the drinking water Zephrillys?
I have been at the Vet and spend $300 for tests and analysis and the only thing they found was an urinary infection and dehydration because he does not drink enough water.
It might be the principal issue here what makes the hair shedding and itchiness understandable.
Before I started the raw feeding I was feeding Darwin's only Duck and beef he started to get a black belly skin in the rear part, it is related to low iron levels what reduces the oxygen supply in tissues. I had this issue before and I added green minerals from Dr Peter Dobias or Spirulina or Chlorella to his raw food and got rid of the black belly.

Anyone similar issues with their Lhasa?
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