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Thumbs up Sharp sense of smell - phew!!

Yesterday morning I got yet another visit from my cooker repair man (I say yet another visit as he's useless and has to repeatedly come back to re-do previous so-called repairs that he's carried out).

Mazie is a very sweet dog, she gets along with everyone although I must admit that since she's been unwell for the past year or so she does seem to be a lot more suspicious and wary and probably a little bit more nervous, however she absolutely FEARS this man!! I have no idea why, as soon as she hears his voice she scarpers from the front door into other rooms - where she will pee.

Anyway, yesterday I completely forgot that he was coming (I had planned on putting Mazie in another room in
order to avoid her getting so stressed on future visits), anyway best laid plans and all that, he came yesterday and yes.... she peed.

He carried out another one of his so-called repairs and left. (I'm stuck with this gas engineer by the way as i'm insured with Homeserve and he's the only engineer in the area).
I was feeling particularly fatigued and had a horrible headache yesterday and after he went I decided that I would have a little lie down on the settee in the kitchen diner, I must have nodded off and the next thing I know is that Mazie is desperately trying to get my attention, and I'll be honest I felt so tired that I was slightly annoyed with her that she wanted attention when I was feeling so rotten, anyway she persisted and I followed her into the kitchen where she was stretching, grunting and pawing right in front of the cooker, she was obviously trying to alert me to something, next....... the penny dropped - I could smell gas!!

I don't have a particularly great sense of smell so I was unsure as to how strong this smell was, so I knew that hubs would be back from London within about half an hour and decided to wait for a second opinion.

He opened the front door and said "oh my god I can smell gas"!!
He rang the engineer and he rushed back and was here within about 15-20mins and as soon as he came into the hall he confirmed that he too could smell it.

Whilst waiting for hubs to come home I'd opened the windows downstairs and taken Mazie upstairs with me.

The engineer found where the leak was, it was a tiny, tiny rubber new seal that he'd replaced after putting in a new thermostat, it was obviously not sealing!!

Anyway, we're all o.k. and no harm was done - but as for Mazie what a trooper, i'll never, ever get annoyed with her again when she wants my attention no matter how grotty i'm feeling.

Maybe, just maybe it could have been a different story had I have taken a sleeping tablet and gone to sleep for hours and if hubs wasn't due back when he was, who knows but I won't dwell on that.

Well done little Mazie...... your super sense of smell served us well.
Twinkle x

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